What I do

I studied change communication at Monash University in Melbourne. Change is the one constant in life (and business) but all too often the most important element, people, are left behind feeling unvalued and unable to commit to a new direction.  Effective change communications connect so your people understand the role they play and come with you.  

It’s one thing to define a new direction – another to get people to come with you and be engaged so the new vision is achieved.  I have led a range of culture change programmes which have delivered from an organisational and personal perspective.

I am a fast and effective copywriter able to develop what you need from either an interview (shorthand) through to summarising a high level of detail.

While with Livestock Improvement I was privileged to research, direct and lead the writing of several books which record the development of some of the fundamentals behind the success of New Zealand’s dairy industry.  These publications include  – ‘100 years of herd testing 1909-2009’, ‘The Billion Dollar Scheme’, ‘100 years of herd recording’ and ‘Puff the Magic Shannon’, a tribute to Dr Patrick Shannon.


I have worked for Ministers and Members of Parliament and am familiar with the role and workings of Parliament.  I enjoy politics and understand the interplay with agri-business. 

The proliferation of messages in any organisation often makes it confusing for people to differentiate between what is essential to their role, and what is discretionary.  I have extensive experience in delivering communications which are targeted so they inform and engage.

I have extensive experience – in the health, political and agricultural arenas - of anticipating and managing issues and crises to minimise damage to reputation and relationships. 

Good media relations are essential to any field of business – my training provides an overview of the ‘who and what’ of the media, and how best to build collaborative and effective relationships.

Speaking in public is something which can instil fear in the bravest heart.  I have developed a fun, interactive module designed to increase confidence for speaking in public – and reduce reliance on powerpoint! 

This is the heart of public relations – understanding your audience, the issues and challenges you face, and developing strategies which enhance your profile and the relationships critical to your business.

I am a skilled, fast and efficient writer focused on delivering messages which connect and engage v word count. Helping you tell your story to the right people in the right way and in the right time.